We constantly rotate our beer on tap, adding new flavors and rotating in old favorites. Check back often to see what’s new!

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Small Batch Kettle Sour Rye Saison

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Our small batch kettle sours are light, dry and tart. Get ready to pucker up weekly with our “Sour Fridays” where we release a new small batch fruity or seasonal flavor.  Check out our “King’s Reserve/Small Batch” section to see what flavors are currently on tap.

“Surfer Girl” American IPA


A heavily hopped but not overly bitter India pale ale. This beer has a balanced body and bountiful hoppy aroma. A 2014 Taste of Fort Collins home brew award winner & RKB’s flagship beer.     abv=7.4%   ibu=70

“Shark Attack” Blood Orange IPA


Our amped up version of “Surfer Girl” with a punch  and tons flavor. This beer offers wonderful citrus and hop aromas and a huge burst of juicy blood orange!                         abv=8.4%   ibu=70

“Royal Rassy” Raspberry Brown Ale

Styles: ,

100+ lbs. of raspberry puree gives Royal Rassy glorious berry notes. This classic brown ale is malt forward with a beautiful berry nose and crisp tart finish.  abv = 5.8%  ibu = 14

“Prospector’s Porridge” Oatmeal Stout


A medium to full bodied brew that is smooth, roasty and slightly sweet. Oats add to the smoothness and the malt used offers chocolate and coffee notes.                 abv=6.7%   ibu=21

“Creature” Imperial Stout


This bold imperial stout is full bodied and extremely rich.  Creature offers distinct notes of roasted grain, chocolate & caramel and finishes with bitter coffee.                               abv = 9.5%  ibu = 40

“Citra-licious” Grapefriuit IPA


“Super” Surfer Girl with a citrus kick! Citra-licious is a bitter yet fruity IPA infused with freshly zested pink grapefruit.                         abv=8.4%   ibu=70

“Cam-the-RAM” Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Styles: ,

“CAM”was created using fresh full cone hops grown and harvested in CSU’s HORT Center Greenhouse. Each new batch of “Cam” is slightly different depending on the hops ready for harvest,  yet this pale ale is consistently an easy drinking, refreshing and delicately bitter pale ale that exudes a floral aroma finishing dry and light!   […]

“Bloody Good” Kettle Sour Rye Saison w/Blood Orange

Styles: ,

A refreshing kettle sour with a bold citrus nose that finishes tart, dry and juicy!     abv=6.7%

Currently Brewing

New concoctions, seasonal favorites, classic comebacks, see what’s next for the taps of Rally King.

Strawberry Rhubarb Kettle Sour Rye Saison


Our kettle sour rye saison with strawberry rhubarb puree. Fragrant, refreshing and tart!

“Lion Thistle” Scottish Ale


A full-bodied malt forward brew that is reddish brown in color and more sweet than hoppy with banana on the nose and caramel notes in the finish.

“Kismet” Double IPA


A hop forward imperial IPA with a strong malt base that balances the hop profile. Kismet has citrus, floral and grassy notes.                            abv=10.9%   ibu=90

“Keith & Willy” Chipotle Stout


Our Oatmeal Stout infused with dried chipotle peppers from Old Town Spice Shop. This beer is full bodied, “roasty” and finishes with smoky heat.  abv = 6.4%  ibu = 21

“Jale-Berry” Strawberry-Lime Jalapeno Sour Saison

This girl is famous around here! “Jale-Berry” (pronounced “Halle Berry”…aren’t we clever?) is a unique and delicious sour that offers an inviting jalapeno pepper nose and fills the palate with sweet and tart strawberry and lime flavors. This brew is tart, dry and not at all spicy! abv = 6.7% Enjoy more of our sour […]

“If You Give A Mouse A Stout” Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout


Our Prospector’s Porridge Oatmeal Stout infused with peanut butter and Nuance Chocolate cacao nibs and husks. Full bodied and delicious, this beer is a favorite among staff and patrons!     abv=6.4%     ibu=21

“Creamsicle” Orange Vanilla Kettle Sour Saison

Styles: ,

One of our most popular small-batch kettle sours, Creamsicle is the perfect blend of orange, vanilla, and PUCKER! Want to feel like a kid again? Pair it with a couple scoops of Walrus’ Vanilla ice cream for a delicious beer float!   abv=6.7%

“A Girl Named Joe” Coffee Blonde Ale

Styles: ,

  A malt forward American blonde ale infused with fresh coffee beans. This beer is sweet yet balanced and hits you immediately with an intense & rich coffee bean aroma. abv=6.2%  ibu=24

King’s Reserve (Small Batch & Limited Release Beers)

We like to keeps things fresh and new at Rally King. One way we do this is by releasing small batch and limited release beers. These brews range from barrel aged sours and fruit infused beers to seasonal beers such as our Coconut Chocolate Porter or our Fall Spiced Brown Ale. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news on small batch releases!

Small Batch Sours Currently Available

Blackberry Lime, Peach Vanilla, Orange Creamsicle (tapping 1/18/19)

Where You Can Find Rally King Beer

Rally King beer is often (but not always!) served at the following locations. Please call to check if they serve Rally King when you are planning to go:

  • McClellan’s Brewing Company
  • Island Grill
  • The Mayor of Old Town
  • Smokin’ Fins at Foothills Mall
  • Old Chicago (Harmony & Timberline)
  • Cheba Hut (Elizabeth and Taft Hill)
  • Hop Grenade (Foothills Mall)

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