We constantly rotate our beer on tap, adding new flavors and rotating in old favorites. Check back often to see what’s new!

Beer on Tap

Currently Brewing

New concoctions, seasonal favorites, classic comebacks, see what’s next for the taps of Rally King.

King’s Reserve (Small Batch & Limited Release Beers)

We like to keeps things fresh and new at Rally King. One way we do this is by releasing small batch and limited release beers. These brews range from barrel aged sours and fruit infused beers to seasonal beers such as our Coconut Chocolate Porter or our Fall Spiced Brown Ale. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news on small batch releases!

Where You Can Find Rally King Beer

Rally King beer is often (but not always!) served at the following locations. Please call to check if they serve Rally King when you are planning to go:

  • McClellan’s Brewing Company
  • Island Grill
  • The Mayor of Old Town
  • Smokin’ Fins at Foothills Mall
  • Old Chicago (Harmony & Timberline)
  • Cheba Hut (Elizabeth and Taft Hill)
  • Hop Grenade (Foothills Mall)

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