CitraLicious Grapefruit IPA - Rally King

Cit-ra-licious Grapefuit IPA

Cit-ra-licious Grapefuit IPA

(abv = 7.74% ibu = 70)

We were obsessed with another popular grapefruit IPA (“Here Fishy Fishy”) so we decided to create our own! We took our Surfer Girl IPA and infused it with fresh pink grapefruit to create this delicious and refreshing gem.

Cit-ra-licious is a heavily hopped but not overly bitter imperial pale ale infused with freshly zested pink grapefruit. This beer has a balanced body and an aroma of “absolute grapefruit”!

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Coquina Beach Blonde

Coquina Beach Blonde

(abv = 6.3% ibu = 24)

An American blonde that is pale “straw” in color. Well attenuated with a light malty palate. A balanced beer that is light in body.

royal rassy beer

Royal Rassy

Raspberry Brown Ale

(abv = 6.7%, ibu = 15)

We added over 100 lbs of raspberry puree to our brown ale! When you lift the glass to your nose, you will definitely notice the fresh & fruity raspberry fragrance. Just in time for Spring, this beer finishes tart, crisp, and dry.

Keeping with our regal theme, we added this brew to our lineup. For all of you berry lovers who are “Rallying” through your own ups and downs, enjoy a Royal Rassy to celebrate your efforts and triumphs!

Rally King MaiBock

Rally King MaiBock

Seasonal Strong Golden Lager

(abv = 6.0%, ibu = 35)

Maibock is strong golden lager that is traditionally brewed in Bavaria to celebrate the arrival of Spring. It is lighter in color and hoppier than other styles of bock beer to celebrate the lengthening days and warmer weather, but still stronger than summer lagers to help ease the transition from the cold German winter.

Ours is a traditional take on this traditional lager. With a decoction mash, real German pilsner and munich malts, and subtle noble hop varieties. Come celebrate Spring with Rally King.

Red Scooter

Red Scooter

Red Extra Pale Ale

(abv = 5.4% ibu = 39)

Our winter hoppy release that’s red in color, with a nice malty body and medium hop bitterness. The aroma is a combination of American hops and specialty malts. Coming in at 5.4% ABV and 39 IBUs, it is a very drinkable beer.

Just a few of brewer Matt’s favorite things: red vines candy, his old red pickup, red sunsets, and his Red Scooter (a favorite childhood toy). This red ale is now on the list!

King's Lullaby

King’s Lullaby

Belgian Amber Ale

(abv = 6.4% ibu = 20)

This Belgian amber ale is fruity and spicy with hints of banana and fresh baked bread It offers an earthy hop profile.

“King’s Lullaby” is named because it is a rich and smooth ale that will sooth your soul and, if needed, help you sleep on a long winter’s night.


Prospector’s Porridge

Oatmeal Stout

(abv = 5.9% ibu = 28)

A medium full bodied brew that is smooth, dark, and roasty. Oats add to the smoothness because of the high concentration of proteins and lipids the contain. The is delicious, arriving just in time for fall and winter!

A “Prospector” is a type of explorer, but with a specific purpose. It was our purpose to explore the world of stouts and bring you our rendition of the classic oatmeal stout. “Porridge” is simply a more exciting word than oatmeal. So there you have it. Prospector’s Porridge as Goldilocks found baby bear’s porridge, we hope you find this out meal stout just right.


Small Hours

Dark Lager

(abv = 5.2%, ibu = 22)

Named for the quiet hours after midnight, and representing the time of deepest hope for the journeys we’re on. This dark lager offers a nose and a palate of complex maltiness including bread crusts and graham crackers with hints of dark fruit and coffee that starts very full but finishes clean. A wonderful, session-able, beer for the darker and quieter months of the year.


Straw House

Belgian Wheat

(abv = 5.8% ibu= 30)

A fruity and spicy wheat beer brewed with a classic Belgian monastery yeast strain.



Helles Lager

(abv = 5.25% ibu= 30)

A medium hopped German lager beer. This beer finishes with clean and crisp notes, perfect for a summer day.


Surfer Girl

American IPA

(abv = 7.74% ibu = 70)

A heavily hopped but not overly bitter imperial pale ale. This beer has a balanced body and bountiful hoppy aroma. *2014 Taste of Fort Collins home brew award winner.